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We have partnered up with Zango to offer you some of the coolest free flash games on the net. You will have to download the Zango program to be able to play the games below. Zango does not collect any personally identifiable information about users. It contains no hidden software and is easy to install and uninstall directly from the control panel.

Jade Shadow  -  David vs. Goliath  -  Zango Muncher
Zango Solitaire  -  Walls of Jericho  -  Secret Chamber
Library of the Ages  -  Zango TV

Jade Shadow
You are Kimiko: half cyborg, half superspy - a fearless agent powered by long-dead ancestors. Your nemesis: the evil Dr. Mofune - a mechanical madman with powers beyond comprehension - bent on enslaving humanity. The place: Dr. Mofune's island fortress near NeoTokyo in the year 2437AD. Master your weapons, gather your polymer sushi rolls, fight well and prepare for the unexpected because things are not as they seem!
David vs. Goliath
David vs. Goliath takes the classic story of history's greatest underdog to a new extreme! With sling and stone, and a crazy array of other power-ups, battle your way through marauding enemies to confront the tyrant Goliath one-on-one! Game Features: 30 huge levels, 5 worlds - Unlimited Play! 24 music tracks. 3 difficulty settings -- beat these and unlock Insane and Ninja Modes! Game tutorial gets you started.
Zango Muncher
Got the munchies? Chow down with Zango Muncher! The Muncher loves to eat, so zip around the smorgas-board and help him munch. But you have to stay on your toes to avoid the Spike Ball looking to crash the party! Game Features: Feeding Frenzy lets Muncher race around gorging. Frozen Foe keeps Muncher or the Spike Ball frozen. Pizza Party - a bonus round with all you can eat pizza.
Zango Solitaire
Caution: Extremely addictive! This fast-paced solitaire game raises the stakes to pit you against a trio of non-human players. Better be quick, though, before they beat you to the draw. You can also play solo while you master this game’s tricky twist: The Grump — an extra pile of cards to help you earn bonus points. Game Features: Unlimited Play! Standard and Tournament levels. Beat your non-human opponents!
Walls of Jericho
Use your puzzle-solving skills to rearrange the blocks and tear down the walls. Game Features: Unlimited Play! Power moves earn higher scores. Multiple music tracks. Watch for special power TVs.
Secret Chamber
Unlock the great King's concealed treasures hidden deep in the Secret Chamber. The King protected his treasures with a complex series of jeweled locks and mechanical scarab servants. Solve these ancient puzzles and discover the King's wonders! Game Features: 30 challenging levels. Save games and return later for more fun.
Library of the Ages
Sort through stacks of ancient books to figure out the magical combinations before time runs out. Your challenge is to figure out numeric sequences and matching colors - it appears easy but requires quick thinking and a sense of strategy! Game Features: 15 challenging levels. Golden books and ancient treasure bonuses. Listen to classical masterpieces while you play.
Zango TV
Tune in to Zango TV: a classic puzzle game with a technological twist. Move and match TVs and Power Screens to destroy ordinary blocks. Activate the Satellites to complete each level. You have to solve the puzzle fast or else your faithful fans will leave and end the game!
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