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This section contains free programs that are funny, cool, and sometimes enhance your computer or desktop.

Name Description
Photoshop This is the mother of all graphic programs. Most web designers and developers have Photoshop. It's like life without your mother! Hmmmmm... wait, no, bad example.... Like life without a computer! There you go!
Mapedit Easy and incredible program to use to make on the fly image maps for your images on the web. I used it for both of the top menus and in many other sites.
Fontographer If you want to start making fonts, check out this program. You can edit existing fonts, convert PC fonts to Mac fonts, and a number of other font things. Best in its class.
Debabelizer Pro I mainly use this program to reduce the size of gif files. But it has a lot more options. If you want to play around with the pixel or color depth of images then this is your program.
GIF Construction Set This was the program I used to create my first gif animation... and it's still the program I use to create animations.
Homesite If you are into raw HTML coding then this is the program you've been waiting for. It's beyond awesomeness. It's the most versatile, useful HTML program I have ever seen. And of course, I used it to make this site. It also has the tags for Cold Fusion and ASP.
Microangelo Use this incredible program to convert all the Icons on this site that are as GIF Images (.gif) to Icons (.ico)
acdsee Great image previewer. I've used it since it's first versions and it's still the best one on the market.
Netscape The first internet browser in the market and still the best.
Firefox Firefox empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser.
Paint Shop Pro If you don't want to spend money on Photoshop or you don't want to spend endless hours learning how to use it, then you have to get this program. It's one of the best graphics-editing programs after Photoshop. And with a price tag of under $100 it makes it even better.
WinAmp The best mp3 player.
WinZip Program to decompress zip files, like the fonts.
TT-Converter Use this program to convert PC fonts to MAC fonts.
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